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Elf. Pointy eared humanoids are elves. Some elves are nice, but the one last night...

Faladar. Seamus called him Faladar. He is mad, mad, and that madness of his rubbed my nerves raw. Even with the drink Mara gave me. The drug. It was not a bad thing. I am a healer, and I know...

No. I will stay true to my focus. Well. The madman said he knew what Mara was. Moriaki. I have never heard such a word. Harpy unicorn. Those words are also unfamiliar to me, but I have my ways to find out information! I intend to use them!

I had to help Seamus and Mara restrain Salvador. I cannot help but think there shall be repercussions to that. I am almost certain of it. It is only a matter of when.

But for the moment it is not Salvador I fear. It is this unknown and insane elf. He knows...I have no idea what he knows, if I were not afraid for my own sanity I would open his mind,

He knows something. More than he says, he claimed that some sort of pirate raiders destroyed her home.

My question is....*how does he know this*? Tempers were too high to note this last night...but I must remember.

I must also speak with that strange man. Hiroyuki. Some instinct tells me he might be of service.

I must remember.
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