Apr. 22nd, 2006

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I have not written in overlong. I have not felt like it. I have not wanted to.

I cannot even say I want to, now, even. But there should be some sort of...I do not know, record, of what is going on. With me. Even the Mage of Silence was good at keeping those. I suppose he had scribes, and I do not, but...what does it matter?

I am frightened, and uncertain, and I do not even know why. I do not know why my mother's people called our powers 'gifts' when at the moment, having them feels more like a curse.

I do my best to simply endure and keep my mind off things, but it is not always easy.

The other night at the 'Rose, I was accosted by a boy with more feline traits than I have. He has cat ears and a tail...I do not know if he has claws. He stole from me--and then offered it back. Brave. As if he were doing me a favor! I do not understand it. There are still ways that this world is nothing like mine...and yet I had the chance to go home, and I refused it. I know there is nothing for me there.

That was strange enough. Last night, at the tavern again...I do not even know what happened, after some man grabbed me as I walked through the market. He was drunk, and he grabbed me. I fear for what he actually wanted. I do not know!

I went to the Tavern. Ran. I must have fallen in my flight--when I arrived Morgan asked me if I was all right. I said yes, but I think I lied. My stomach betrayed me later, and my words betray me now.

What is wrong with me?


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