May. 19th, 2007

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Havoc tells me I should stop eating before bedtime. Not that I truly eat before bedtime. That is reserved for Aten--she needs to eat, and so she is fed. More so now than ever.

But back to Havoc.  I told him that I had been having dreams. Dreams about Mara, or perhaps they are nightmares. I do not know. Considering who holds her in thrall, I should not be surprised that I am having nightmares. In any case, that reply--about not eating--was the response he gave me. Very funny.

I have not told Morgan yet. Mostly because I do not think he would approve. That or he would worry, and I--he worries enough.

There is a tree.  It was growing outside the Rose, and I dug it up one night when he had stayed home with Aten.  I brought it home with me, and I planted it near my haven.  It is...growing very large, now, in an unnatural span of time. There is something strange about it. I do not like to think about that, either, but the only answers I have come from my dreams. Nightmares. Call them what you will.

I do not know what to make of Morgan either. He is...somewhat lost, and he hides his vulnerability behind a facade of cheer and the ever present obliviousness.  He is trying to be friends with the siblings, Sheena and Patrick Kelethin...

Patrick...I simply do not know what to make of him. He confuses me.  Sheena...I get a bad taste in my mouth from her. She ignores my existance unless she simply must acknowledge me.  But both siblings simply fawn over Morgan. There is something strange there.

I do not know what to do.  Mara...Tell me. Tell me what to do, if you can.

::Scrawled along the bottom edge of the page are a number of odd, possibly meaningless symbols::


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