Aug. 13th, 2007

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Well. This interesting end to the week, to say the very least.

Clubbing on Thursday was fun, as it always is. I think I got my share of looks. I really did enjoy shopping with Stevi. Perhaps I'll have to go with her again, some time.

Friday was relatively uneventful. At least, it began uneventfully. I slept in, and got an odd call on my cell phone that woke me up.  I did not know who this David Ceras was, but he was very polite when he asked to speak to me, if I was Sara Ravensclaw, and he also asked if I would meet him at a coffee shop in Rhydin.  As that is the name I use when I am on Earth, of course I agreed.

I am still, as ever, as gullible a fool as I ever was.

Apparently this David Ceras was a member of one Celestial Chorus. Morgan has mentioned them before, and I have read his journal entries about them as well.  I suppose that since they could not get his sword directly from him, the original plan was to ask me to steal it somehow. I! Stealing Morgan's sword as if I were some sort of thief!

I refused. When I did so, two other men appeared out of nowhere, as I was leaving. A brief struggle, and they put some sort of cloth filled with ether or some sort of noxious liquid on it before my nose and mouth, and I passed out.

I woke up--I know not where. Oh, the room itself was pleasant enough, furnished and much like a hotel, but off.  There was a door, but with no knob inside of it, and it felt very strange. They must have had good surveillance on Morgan and the mansion, because these people were at least remotely aware of my own abilities.

I attempted a Gate, but there was no way I could anchor a portal back home. When I did my best to break out via the door or the wall, the materials simply shifted back beneath my own magick, repairing themselves and making themselves whole. All my mental shouting did no good, and I was not about to wreck my voice for their satisfaction!

I do not honestly know why I was returned when I was, but this evening, Ceras and his two lackeys came in to my room and told me I was going home.

I have never been so happy in my life.  I am free, and Morgan did not give up his sword. Not for me.  And I am home.

Curse them all.


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