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I...have returned. If what I have done can be called a 'return'.  For I did not truly leave anything, save my senses.  It does not surprise me, only saddens me, to know that it has been over a year since I realized I had this journal, much less wrote in it. Hai, things change in a year, and how they do...

I have lost much, but not as much as some.  The words that hurt too much to say out loud, I can speak so easily here. And they sit, flat, mere writing on a page, and I wonder how they can hurt so much?

My bond with Rieka is gone. A product of my madness. I do not know where he is, nor do I know if I could renew the bond we had. I do not want to try. He had mated when I was so ill last year...if he is happy where he is, so be it. I pray it is so.  Still, that hurts.

If only it were that alone! Diast is gone. Morgan tells me she died giving birth to their daughter--who is a very small ray of sun in the clouds that we both have in our lives.  Aten will make her parents proud someday, this, I know.

Mara is also gone. is too fresh, I cannot write more.
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