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I do not know where to start.  One of these days, I imagine I will go over my journal, and count how many times I have said this.

Mike and Irina and even Morgan were acting so very strangely tonight! I do not even know how to describe it. Mike was all cuddly with me, and Irina stared at her soup as she does so very often, with this irritated look on her face.  Then again, Morgan seemed just as irritated for a while.

There was a new woman at the tavern tonight. Siofra. She brought the most wonderful pies. I would like to speak to her again, though she did sort of stare at me.  I have not really had to deal with that much since I have come here, so that was...unusual.  Not precisely uncomfortable, these days, though.

I have finally broken down and brought home a pair of kittens of my very own. They are both half-grown. One is a buff tabby female, whom I call Sunsinger, and then there is her brother, who is a silvery lynx point Siamese, I am told. I have called him Shadowdancer. More correctly, Sun and Shadow, for short. Morgan is very amused, but he was surprised. "Storm, why are there six cats on my bed? That's two more cats than I own!"  But I explained and it is all good. That is, if I can prevent his sire from chasing them around the house in wolf form.

Speaking of Morgan, we went free-climbing this weekend, and that was a lot of fun. We had a picnic at the very top of the rock formation, cliff, whatever it should be called.  And we also watched the sun go down. All in all, it was very pleasant.

Likely I should sleep now, as I intend to call Mike tomorrow as he asked me to, and I have to work at the shelter tomorrow. Also I should find a vet for the kittens. They are up to date on their shots and such, but anything to ensure their health is all to the good. I cannot do it all myself, after all.


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